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Where Can I Buy A Chocolate Pecan Pie


Where Can I Buy A Chocolate Pecan Pie

In our Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie we use scratch-made pie crust and fill it with a mound of Southern pecans. We coat the pecans with our chocolate Jack Daniels bourbon pie filling, and wait for the pecans to float to the top, creating a sweet and crunchy top to our ooey, gooey pie. This is one of our best sellers during the holidays, and we even offer personalized box options. What better present could there be for birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations, or holidays than a deliciously famous pie

The same classic recipe as our original Texas Pecan Pie with delicious chocolate chunks added inside and a chocolate drizzle on top. We start with a hand made crust, roll it out, and pinch the edges by hand to make our signature crust design. Savor the flavor of this Chocolate Pecan Pie when warmed and served with a side of vanilla ice cream.

You can use dark, bittersweet, or semi-sweet chocolate for this recipe. I prefer using good quality chocolate bars rather than chocolate chips because I prefer the richer, intense chocolatey flavor, for both the filling and the chocolate chunks mixed in. Chocolate chips contain stabilizers that allow them to hold their shape during baking and are usually sweeter and have a less intense flavor.

Heat butter and 55g chocolate together in a saucepan over low heat until melted. Add sugar, mix for 30 seconds and turn off heat. Mix in corn syrup. Let mixture cool slightly. Add eggs, bourbon, vanilla, and salt, and mix until well combined. Spread chopped pecans and 120g chopped chocolate evenly inside the chilled pie shell. Pour filling over the pecans and chocolate. If you reserved pecans for decoration, decorate the surface of the pie with the pecans, pressing them in slightly so that they are coated with the filling.

Food & Wine named our Chocolate Fudge Pecan Pie a top 21 pie pick for 2021. So if you need something for a chocolate lover then this chocolate southern pecan pie is perfect for you. We follow the same famous recipe, but add chocolate fudge to the filling of this pie. Non-dairy

Here is a pie that might make Thanksgiving purists shake their heads. Chocolate and pecan But bear with us. The bittersweet chocolate adds depth to what is traditionally an achingly sweet pie, and the bourbon gives it a grownup finish. For more delicious pie recipes, check out our collection of Thanksgiving pies.

Our Pottery House Cafe created its own loyal pie fans with this signature Chocolate Pecan Pie. Adding premium quality chocolate was the only way we could think of to improve the grand Southern classic, and it worked like a charm! Baked fresh daily. 9-inch diameter. Serves 6-8.

I am not a fan of just a pecan pie but one with chocolate I could literally eat every single day. This is the first time I ordered a pie from The Old Mill and it will definitely not be my last time. Absolutely delicious and delivery was quick!!!

Chocolate Pecan Pie is a delicious dessert that combines the classic pecan pie recipe with a ribbon of chocolate. The easy southern pecan pie recipe takes about 10 minutes to make and less than an hour to bake. You'll love this Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday meal dessert.

Serve one after dinner with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a dessert everyone will rave about. Enjoy some extra deliciousness to your meal with our chocolate pecan pie that will add the most incredible flavor to your repertoire that will become a must-bring to every dinner party. Or you can turn our classic chocolate pecan pie into bars -- a take on brownies that is sure to have all your guests begging for the recipe! (We'll let you decide if you want to tell them your secret!)

Each pie is delivered fresh, so you can treat yourself, friends, or family to a delicious, ready-to-eat treat. Choose from one, two, or six 9" chocolate pies in gift boxes. For a smaller (but no less tasty) snack, you can also order a set of eight chocolate mini pecan pies. These mini pies are fo


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